Easy Marketing With Stickrs.in

Not every business can/want to have their web presence or mobile applications. And when business need is simple : To keep your customers on top of every announcements, offers, or news, above options are not so fruitful.

You end up collecting email addresses and managing mail campaigns a boring job just to say to your customers that “We have 20% sale”. And not all customer wants to share their precious mailbox address so that you can flood them with offers. And wasting money on mobile application when your customers are dealing with Storage issue on their device to install new application is never advisable.

Stickrs.in is win-win solution for both Business owners and Customers. With just 3 steps procedure you are ready to promote your business without any friction.

Why subscribe or install app, when you can just follow 🙂

Stickrs for business

Checkout some sample stickers at our website, to see how it fits your need. And do share your experience in comments below.

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Effectively Cost Cut Your Startup Web Presence

One thing that every new product or startup requires is hosted web presence. Where they can brief about what do they do, or put some screen shot of their app. You choose attractive wordpress template from envato and set them up on shared hosting mostly from godaddy, of course you buy low priced domain before this. And then at last create mail account on godaddy something like [email protected] and it’s done.

But before investing on above hosting services, ask yourself some basic questions.

  • Do you really need wordpress or any other CMS to handle 5 static pages that updates may be once in a 3 month period? Sometimes once in a year just to change Copyright footer from, 2015 to 2016.
  • And in case you have only static content why do you use Apache server or IIS server and waste extra computational power and money?
  • One dynamic content in your web site will be contact us page, right? Think once again, just for contact us page you are buying server & database, aren’t there other options available in market? And if not, setting up complex RDBMS for just contact us page is very bad design & finance decision.
  • You may argue, you need a blog for your startup. But rest assured, we have other cost effective options for that too.

Web has seen a rise of CMS, MVC, OOPS, RDBMS from static world of HTMLs in late 2000. There came a trend where everyone was busy building their own CMS, using relational databases, MVC, MV, VC, OOPS and what not.

Instead of utilising power of servers, web has seen, using power of client browser is much more efficient way to handle computations. And for static content, CDNs are far more better design decision. So coming back to above questions below are some cost effective & efficient solutions.

  • GitHub.com (largest git versioning community) provides free hosting of static pages. You can then map your CNAME record (domain) to github name server and you are done, don’t waste money on hosting space.
  • Also jekyllrb.com with github allows you to host blog on github for free, everything a blog requires can be achieved via jekyll.
    Coming to the contact us mail, you can use free mail services like mandrill and mailchimp, they provide enough amount of free inbox and outbox mails to satisfy your basic or advance needs.
  • For database, you can use Firebase or PARSE (may be obsolete in near future as per news) to store form data. Or in case you want complex integration, google docs can also be integrated with your contact us form. So no need to host database for basic needs.
  • In case there is no way out and you need a server and database. There are many cloud hosting providers that even provides lifetime shared cloud hosting (openshift.com).

No doubt, configuring and making use of above services is not so easy as its sounds, but benefits are far better and healthy for your bills. Github being so popular, its uptime and response time can not be doubted, and apart from hosting you also have advantage of versioning your content.

You can browse through below sites, which efficiently utilises above mentioned services to reduce bills and serve the need.

This wordpress blog itself is hosted on free cloud by openshift

http://colorengine.co (static html hosted on github, and mandrill to handle mail inquiries)

In case your startup/IT operations requires cost cutting or make efficient use or optimise your technology stack or just to make good design decision, you can always reach me

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Much needed platform for IOT is in market now AWS IOT, though its in BETA but looks very much promising. Some of the very concerns regarding IOT developments are covered effectively. IOT is very niche market with very few players competing, mostly they are all home automation based.

Problems faced are mostly covered, but as market grows amazon has to adapt quickly.

Issues like security for devices which mostly deal with serial data is some how handled with certificates. Lower network connectivity for small devices and offline state maintenance dealt effectively with shadow devices, and last but not the least, managing rules based on states, and transform message accordingly, so that different devices having different structural messages can communicate smoothly.

Future of IOT looks more promising with amazon providing such robust platform.

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Cordova inappbrowser: supporting custom headers

Supporting custom headers to be passed to every GET/POST form request, inside inappbrowsers. Possible user scenario where you want, server to know from where request is originated, whether its from website or from app. Meanwhile support is only for iOS and Android, you are free to fork and add support for other platforms.

You can check out or merge from

Inside your app, api call has now extra parameter for headers, below is sample code.

var customHeaders = 'foo:123,bar:456';
cordova.InAppBrowser.open("http://apache.org", "_blank", 'location=no,zoom=no', customHeaders);

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material mixer

Google announced a whole new set of standards for material design. Color palette that complements each other. Material Mixer tool allows to mix match different primary and accent colors so you can theme your web/app smoothly. Below is the link to webapp, feel free to explore it and provide your feedbacks on the same.

material mixer

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