Easy Marketing With Stickrs.in

Not every business can/want to have their web presence or mobile applications. And when business need is simple : To keep your customers on top of every announcements, offers, or news, above options are not so fruitful.

You end up collecting email addresses and managing mail campaigns a boring job just to say to your customers that “We have 20% sale”. And not all customer wants to share their precious mailbox address so that you can flood them with offers. And wasting money on mobile application when your customers are dealing with Storage issue on their device to install new application is never advisable.

Stickrs.in is win-win solution for both Business owners and Customers. With just 3 steps procedure you are ready to promote your business without any friction.

Why subscribe or install app, when you can just follow 🙂

Stickrs for business

Checkout some sample stickers at our website, to see how it fits your need. And do share your experience in comments below.

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