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A lot of STARTUPS emerging on daily basis, and their minimalist web portals emerging at the same rate. Some of them are based on subscription based model, offering few services only for paid users, but they do attract regular ones by providing glimpse of that services, kind of marketing strategy.

So coming to the code part, we can achieve similar kind not subscribed section look using some simple CSS tricks. Method used is very basic, since its just view that we are controlling not the actions.

See the Pen iLqld by Sanket Mehta (@sanketmehta7) on CodePen.

Adding class not-subscribed to any element or container will make that container and its child in accessible with layer of image upon it, we can disable javascript reach-ability to some extent using pointer-events and z-index.

Here we are controlling just view of that container, its always advisable not to assign any javascript events to container and their child.

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